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Characterized by smarty, high-efficiency, applicability, comprehensiveness, and durability, make you experience an easy digital photography technique.
Carry on the decades of the classic X-ray photography, and create its splendid future.

Be convenient for doctors and care for patients

Apply the ergonomic design with the simple operation and versatile features; 
The following functions are convenient for the doctors’ positioning, powerful and comprehensive mechanical movement function, electric control in order to move at a wide range and automatic centering and multi-angle projection.

Superior Image Quality

In order to get the high-resolution and high contrast image quality, the advanced fourth-generation LANMIT technology (namely, the portable flat panel detector) is applied here.

Comfortable, efficient, careful and economical design philosophy.
Advanced technology and unified development platform.

Apply the ergonomic design with beautiful shape. The mechanical movement features a powerful, easy operating, smooth, reliable, and easy maintenance.

Intelligent system design, electrical motion control, automatic light field centering, four-directional floating flat bed with a wider range of mobile, multi-angled and multi-directional projection, vertical chest X-ray photography aircraft C-/ P-type handrail design, lateral photo frame, and bidirectional intercom system.

1.16-channel direct digital acquisition to realize high image SNR
2.Fiber-optic amplifying and transfer technology to ensure high-fidelity image quality
3.Ultra-strong and ultra-fast gradient system with national patented technology to make ultra-fast scanning
4.16-channel digital RF system and Series PA receive coils to generate high-quality image of all body parts
5.Integrated active and passive shimming to ensure excellent homogeneity, and as a result perfect fat-suppression images.
6.Gradient noise reduction technology to optimize patient experience
7.Comprehensive clinical sequences and perfect advanced imaging functions